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About Us

G-Global was the first customs broker in the San Diego - Tijuana border. The company was founded 102 years ago in 1918 as the “Gutierrez Agency” by a retired cavalry captain named Faustino Gutierrez. His son and grandson continued to grow the business and went on to become one of the most prestigious firms in the calibaja region for more than 90 years.

Our current CEO came on board at the end of 2010, he is the fourth generation of the Gutierrez family and in response to our rapidly evolving global environment he transformed the company from a customs brokerage firm to an integrated logistics solution, thus adopting the name G-Global.

In this transformation we reinvented our corporate culture and redefined our values so as to achieve a much higher vision for our future. We believe that there is no higher purpose than to serve others, we live by our mission statement, “Serve to Inspire”, it doesn't matter whether it's in customs brokerage, freight, eFulfillment, distribution or any other 3PL or warehouse service.

We strive to inspire by developing the best talent and with them create the most innovative solutions to achieve operational excellence, the “ultra-simplification” of your work, as well as enhance customer experience throughout our services.

Since 2010 the G-Global family has grown from 40 employees to more than 500 servant leaders and we have expanded our operations to all the major ports of the US - Mexico border. Our hyper-growth is the best testimony we can offer to demonstrate our intense commitment to accomplishing customer happiness and innovating far above everyone else in our industry.