Notice of Privacy

Privacy Notice addressed to the holders of personal data in the possession of G-Global, S. DE R.L. DE C.V. We are involved in your problems as if they were ours, that is why your trust and privacy are very important to us and we want to make sure that you know how the integrity and privacy of your personal data is protected, the above in respect to the faithful social commitment and the obligation to comply with sufficient legal and security measures to protect those personal data that, due to the legal relationship that unites us, have been collected for the purposes described in this Privacy Notice. This Privacy Notice is disclosed in strict compliance with the articles Third transitory, 16 and 17 of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Individuals, published in the Federation Official Gazette on July 5, 2010, legal order that aims to protect personal data held by individuals, in order to regulate their legitimate, controlled and informed treatment, in order to ensure privacy and the right to self-determination of individuals information . At all times you will have full control and decision on your personal data, that is why it is recommended to carefully read the information that is set out below, which for better identification and according to its use, purpose and destination is divided into the following sections: Suppliers, clients, employees, practitioners and candidates. Please read the section accordingly, although it is important to clarify that the Procedures to exercise the Rights of Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition (ARCO) are applicable to all sections.

1. Definitions and abbreviations

  • • I. personal data. Any information concerning an identified or identifiable person.
  • • II. Sensitive Personal Data. Those personal data that affect the most intimate sphere of its owner, or whose improper use may give rise to discrimination or entail a serious risk for it. In particular, those who can reveal aspects such as racial, ethnic origin, present and future health status, genetic information, religious, philosophical and moral beliefs, union affiliation, political opinions and sexual preference are considered sensitive.
  • • III. ARCO rights. Rights of Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition provided by the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Individuals.
  • • IV. Law. Federal Law on the Protection of Personal Data Held by Individuals.
  • • V. The Responsible party. G-Global, S. DE R.L. DE C.V.
  • • VI. Owner. The person to whom the personal data belongs.
  • • VII.- G-Global: G-Global S. DE R.L. DE C.V.
  • • VIII.- Privacy Notice. Physical, electronic, or in any other format, document generated by the person in charge, which is made available to the owner, prior to the processing of their personal data.
  • • IX.- Data processing. The obtaining, use, disclosure or storage of personal data by any means. The use includes any action of access, management, use, transfer or disposition of personal data.
  • • X. Transfer. Any communication of data made to a person other than the Data processor.
  • • XI.- Consent: Manifestation or expression by any of its means, whether verbal, written, electronic, optical or unequivocal signs. That allows understanding the owner's consent. It will be understood that consent exists when the owner has intentionally shared his address or information to receive information in the present or future, and has or has had an existing relationship with G-Global S. DE R.L. DE C.V., without the owner expressing his opposition to the established Privacy Notice.

G-Global S. DE R.L. DE C.V., with address at Boulevard Tercera Oeste No.17541, Fraccionamiento Garita de Otay, C.P. 22509, Tijuana Baja California, a company incorporated under Mexican law, makes it known and understood that the personal data that it handles about you, whether general or sensitive, and that currently or in the future exist in our databases , will be processed and / or used by: G-Global, and where appropriate by third parties who, due to the nature of their work or functions, have the need to process and / or use your personal data, in order to fulfill those obligations that are derived from the legal relationship between you as the owner of the personal data and the aforementioned companies. G-Global may transfer the personal data in its databases to third parties, national or foreign, unless the owners express their opposition, in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data in Possession of individuals. If you received an email from G-Global staff it is because your email address was previously provided to us or appears on our email contact lists. Or you have intentionally shared your email address to receive information in the past and / or future, and / or you have an existing relationship with us. The information that we have collected from you has been provided by yourself, and it has not been obtained without your consent, and has been requested only for the purpose of offering you the services of Customs and Logistics Agency.

Purpose of data processing for SUPPLIERS.

The personal information that you provide to the Customs Agency will be used to provide or purchase the products and / or services that you offer us and for that reason your full name, tax address, Fiscal ID Number (RFC), Population Registration number (CURP), telephone number, address and email address for contact, bank account numbers (to carry out payments through transfers), as well as supporting documentation and information must be provided directly by you and are essential to buy the products and / or services that you offer us. Privacy notice G-Global S. DE R.L. DE C.V.

Purpose of data processing for CLIENTS

Your personal information will be used to provide the services that you have requested from G-Global, which is why various information and documentation is requested that consists of your full name (person or company name), tax address (proof of address), Fiscal ID number (Copy of RFC), Population Registry number (CURP), petitions, invoices, bank account numbers, programs or permits issued by the Secretary of Economy or other authorized dependency, notarial documents (Power of Attorney or Articles of Incorporation), Entrustment Letters, Letter XV and Letter VIII, and in general all the information essential to provide you with the services of Customs and Logistics Agency, since it will depend on this information the good progress of our Customs services, clearance of your merchandise and representation before the Customs Authority and dependencies

Purpose of data processing for EMPLOYEES AND INTERNSHIPS.

The personal information that you provide us will be used to be able to consider you as a candidate to occupy the vacant position in G-Global, whether as an employee, as a practitioner or as a Professional Social Service practitioner, that you request to apply for in our company, for which reason various information and documentation are requested; It includes a full name, address, birth certificate, letters of recommendation, curriculum vitae, fiscal ID number (RFC), Population Register number (CURP), marital status, social security number, telephone number and proof of studies.

You have the right to access, rectify and cancel your personal data as well as oppose the processing thereof or revoke the consent that you have given us for such purposes, this according to the terms of articles 22 to 26 of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Individuals, through the procedures detailed in this document. If you wish to access, rectify and / or cancel your personal data, please contact G-Global through our official website:

For the access and rectifications that are requested.

The cases of cancellations of personal data will be governed according to the provisions of article 26 fraction II of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Individuals. So it must be as agreed. We promise not to transfer personal information to third parties without your consent, with the exceptions provided for in article 37 of the Law. If you do not wish to receive emails from G-Global, please let the person sending them know clearly, or contact the Customer Service Department at the company's address or call the following telephone number. 01 (664) 380-50-18. All the information that G-Global collects will be treated with extreme care and we promise not to transfer personal information to third parties without first having your consent, except for the exceptions provided by Law. The owners themselves or through duly accredited legal representative, have recognized and may exercise the ARCO Rights against the Responsible party and may exercise the rights conferred to them by the Law as of January 6, 2012, by means of a written request, which must be presented at the address and means of contact of G-Global indicated on the All applications that are submitted to G-Global, regardless of the means used by the owner, must include the following data, information and documents: Name and autograph signature of the Owner, address, electronic address or other means through which the response to your request can be communicated. Accompany an official document by means of which the identity of the owner can be accredited, which may be any of the following: (Credential of the Federal Electoral Institute, Passport issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National Military Service Card, or Professional Certificate).

In the cases in which the exercise of the ARCO Rights is carried out through the legal representative of the owner, in addition to the accreditation of both parties identity, a notarial power of attorney must be delivered, or a power of attorney signed before two witnesses or a statement made by the owner before notary public. Attach a clear and precise description of the personal data with respect to which you will exercise the rights that the Law confers on you. Include any element or document that facilitates the location of the personal data in question. When you want to exercise the right of rectification, you will have to deliver the documentation that proves the change requested on the personal data.

The response to the request will be carried out by the Data Processor after 20 business days from the date it was received, through the same means by which the request was made. The Responsible Party may extend this term up to an equal period after notifying the owner thereof. The resolution made by The Responsible party, will be announced to the Owner through the contact options provided, or failing that, through the means established in the Law. In case the Owner wishes to revoke the authorization granted to the Responsible party regarding the personal data provided, he must make the request in the same terms established in this Privacy Notice to exercise the ARCO Rights. Privacy notice G-Global S. DE R.L. DE C.V. The delivery of personal data will be free, and the Owner must cover only the justified shipping costs or the cost of reproduction in copies or other formats..

G-Global reserves the right to make modifications or changes to this Privacy Notice, which will be announced and will be available to the public through our website Privacy Notice Section. To whom you can present your complaints and claims for the improper treatment of your personal data: If you consider that any of your Personal Data Protection rights has been violated by any conduct carried out by our employees or our actions, according to what is provided in the Law. You may at any time file a complaint or claim with the IFAI, for more information visit