10 Questions to ask your Potential 3PL Provider

Many businesses which once boasted of having the leanest and most efficient supply chain have been impacted by the new global scenario Covid-19 has created. With inflexible networks, new struggles have surfaced as companies face optimizing immediacy for deliveries for soaring demands while keeping up with cost-effective processes and sustainability. 

Survival and resilience are based on a flexible supply chain. How should you proceed in a similar crisis? The need for an adaptive approach is the answer to finding your flexibility. Although technology is an amazing helper, designing an adaptive technology architecture becomes a powerful competitive advantage to embracing agile ways of working. How can you know if you are using the right structure for your logistic operations? Check out the following characteristics supply chain leaders detect in a functional and resilient solution.

Evolving technologies continue to transform a company’s ability to meet diverse challenges. In 2020,
76% of companies increased the use of digital network technologies, according to the Harris poll. What does a tailored solution with innovative applications of technology mean for creating a resilient supply chain?

G-Global applies the globalization and real-time synchronization of data that the framework of an application offers to its user and has created one point of contact for all logistic operations. By using a personalized digital platform, we reinvent the capability of staying connected with a platform that can be modified in a friendly way to face changing market dynamics and remove obstacles. This critical process begins to identify your network’s competitive elements and build on the existing advantages. You will be able to enjoy agile workflow and adaptive tech architecture to meet your goals. For example, in a merger or acquisition, most companies work with multiple enterprise resource planning (ERP) instead of harmonizing all the data, resulting in losing constant opportunities to generate insights and analysis from the company’s data.

What role does core-light technology architecture play in this scenario? Working with ERP software along with the best-of-breed business applications based in the cloud allows connectivity while preserving flexibility and adaptability. This integration capability is possible by breaking tasks in a supply chain and distributing them in modules. Analyze what objectives ERP accomplishes and how an integration of a cloud-based platform can enhance, automate, and ultra-simplify other tasks that are not monitored specifically there. 

Now, how does an agile mentality impact workflow? For starters, it increases the success rate of transformation projects by 62%, compared with traditional methodologies. But in the 2020 Digital.ai State of Agile Report, only 1 out of 10 executives reported using Agile in operations.

Experts in the field must select the best application or even tailor one for collaboration for an effective process. Remember, the main goal is to work with a structure that empowers every individual in the organization to have access to relevant data and to use new tools. That is why G-Global as a leading company creates cross-functional teams to develop and manage supply chain solutions. Each team supplies the experts with the links of your own chain supply and an understanding of all the characteristics of a fulfilled demand.

A strategic approach to creating a resilient supply chain is the best plan of action to increase profitability, flexibility, and proactiveness to the imminent effects of facing a crisis. From putting in motion a huge transition into new solutions, strategic short-termed projects for innovation with tech-driven analysis is a great start. Data integration and agile work teams are building blocks for building a lean architecture for efficient logistic operations of the future. We can help you today in creating a resilient supply chain to face and transcend after experiencing a crisis. Find out how we have done it with our agile expert teams and tech-driven strategies!


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