Section 321: How Ecommerce is Leveraging Customs Compliance for Profit 

Strategic Logistics and supply chain management are key elements to ensure profitability growth. We have helped our customers rediscover what customs compliance can do for their business, other than clear goods through American ports of entry and meet governmental requirements. 

Is Customs Clearance by Section 321 under your radar? 

We circumvent duties through this ruling that allows any single consignee to clear US Customs duty-free with up to USD 800 of goods a day. This CBP initiative has facilitated international trade for the American and Mexican markets.

How much do you pay for duties? 

Companies in apparel, tech, and other similar industries, pay up to 20%-35% in duties. If this is your number, it’s time to consider what nearshoring your fulfillment operation to Mexico can do fro you. 

What could your company achieve if your fulfillment operations eliminated all duties? 

We´re ready to show you! In the strategic location of Tijuana, Mexico (just south of San Diego, California), our clients’ supply chains are fed through Ensenada maritime port or Long Beach´s port. Once loaded for transportation, they travel to our e-commerce warehouse for temporary storage. There, our staff will pick, pack, and ship your customer orders with accuracy. If your brand offers customized products that require additional services, count on us to do it also! We consolidate your clients´ orders into our transportation to cross the MX-USA border with Section 321 processing for faster and guaranteed customs clearance. Once arrive at our San Diego facility, your preferred carrier will load and deliver to your happy customer! 

Is your business eligible to be cleared as Section 321 merchandise? 

The first filter to consider is the < $800 threshold. A client order per day cannot be processed if it goes beyond this limit, therefore precise pick, pack, and ship software will ensure timely compliance and processing without compromising profit. If you would like to know more about product eligibility, ask our experts for a personalized consultation today!   

Where is the best place to settle your duty-free fulfillment?

Explore our locations in Tijuana, where our largest e-commerce warehouse is the secondary home to +40,000 daily fulfilled orders. With 570 manufacturers and a qualified workforce of 185,000 employees, Tijuana is an ideal location to nearshore your fulfillment and distribution operations. With +50 years of operational experience, the booming industries housed in the border city of Tijuana, have leveraged international trade with interconnectivity, nearness, and industrial real estate market availability to accelerate growth!

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