G-Global´s Inbond Strategy for Maximizing your Bottom Line

The intricate process of moving your freight through international borders implies an array of knowledge to create seamless logistics. As your company grows, the need to create cost-effective strategies to redefine your bottom line is a continuous process. At G-Global, we want to share how we help our clients increase profits through our experience and tailored solutions. 

Today we are going to talk about inbond shipments, a different customs classification approach to your international shipments. This regime makes it possible to transport products into a foreign trade zone (FTZ) to take advantage of its properties to defer or avoid payment of duties and taxes or transform the product in some way for tariff inversion. If your merchandise is being transported through a third-party country before arriving at its final destination, such as Canada to Mexico through the US, you can save significantly by looking into this specific concept. To your benefit, it can also apply to warehousing services, if the product will be stored for less than a year in American land to eventually be shipped out to the consumer country, duties can be deferred and your profit can grow. 

How is this possible? At G-Global we assess the personality of your supply chain and identify how and when you can benefit from this financial advantage through compliance. Once set in motion, inbonded processing goes through the following 4 phases:

  1. The bonded carrier declares the shipment as an in-bond shipment to customs with proper documentation and classification
  2. The Customs officer will authorize the movement of the shipment
  3.  The carrier can then deliver the shipment to a specified sufferance warehouse or another customs office to await Customs release.
  4. Before removing the goods from the warehouse for delivery, the carrier must wait for a formal entry filing by a Customs Broker or the importer.

Let’s make the best out of your transportation! Our experts can help you shape your own cost-effective strategy to scale your business into new markets and optimize your current logistics operations. This is our G-Global strategy!


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