Innovative Technology: Accomplishing greater logistical feats with Speed

Technology is the reflection of human intelligence and beyond what our own imaginations can fathom. We have entered a new era of logistics enhancement, driven by advanced technology to keep up with our ¨agile¨ mindset to improve every process of our e-commerce operations. 

At G-Global, we leverage our agile teams and technological prowess to provide a holistic and transparent client experience while processing millions of live transactions in mere seconds. We have demonstrated how speed is key for profitable and efficient operations and is made possible with strategic digitalization. The integration of communication and real-time visibility is one of the greatest accomplishments for decision-making scenarios and prevention in supply chain management. Our G-Global suite of apps is a great example of how technology can leverage logistics efficiency into a heightened array of milestones.  

We understand the value of simplicity and responsiveness. Implementing the right technology for us means crafting a customer-oriented service designed to allow our clients to efficiently and quickly track their operation, all in one user-friendly platform with specialists available at all times to answer and resolve any issue or question. As a 100% cloud-based solution, we make sure you can access it whenever and wherever you need it to yet protect to secure all your sensitive data.

The G-O suite also includes: 

  • G-Ops – Real-time tracking of freight, customs process, and warehouse status 
  • G-WMS – Real-time warehouse management systems
  • G-Finance – Invoicing in real-time.
  • G-Metrics – Dashboards customizable with all the KPIs you see fit
  • G-Customs –customs information, HTS code classifications, Duty prices, SKU, and inventory indexing
  • G-Legal – All legal and permitting documents in one place

Connectivity to any marketplace is essential, so we ensure that our setup will facilitate our clients to streamline processes. Technology can bring together all your interdependent functions and links that shape the personality of your logistics chain, into one tailored solution, into one experience. Make more happen with innovative technology, and arrive at the future of your logistics with G-Globalization. 


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