Your Cross-Border logistics can be Duty-free

We want to share with you our Section 321 Strategy to leverage your operational savings.

With trade wars, inflation, and transportation costs soaring, the need for a year-round savings strategy is at an all-time high. 

Section 321 is a perfect start to shape cost-effective e fulfillment through  innovating customs compliance. What exactly is Section 321? A formal entry to import from Mexico to the United States without paying duties to either country, unlocking savings for your supply chain!

How does it work?

The dynamic flow of our strategy is divided into 4 different phases:

  1. Goods arrive at strategic port of entries, this may be Long Beach, USA or Ensenada, Mexico
  2. Drayage services  move goods to Tijuana and arrive at warehousing facilities as in-bond shipments, if received from a US port, or as temporary “pedimento”, if goods arrive from the Mexican port.
  3. Warehouses store and fulfill your orders to be prepared for its final destination. 
  4. Customs compliance experts process all outbound orders with Section 321 to be entered to the American Market 

Ask our experts how Section 321 processing can help you reshape efulfillment operations into savings!


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