Baja California Innovating Logistical Infrastructure to leverage Foreign Trade

With sustained growth in manufacturing, Baja California is an essential Mexican state for American and other foreign investments. With a strategic and privileged location, new infrastructure is developing to leverage the logistical benefits of nearshoring, fulfillment, and more. What can these three projects mean for the growth of foreign trade?


Otay Mesa 2 border-crossing, located to the east of Tijuana, has been inaugurated and started construction. It is expected to be up and running in 2024. Its main objective is to shorten border-crossing times of Baja California’s most congested ports, San Ysidro and Otay. Normal traffic is expected to offer a wait time of 20 minutes. Opening day is projected to have a clear impact on the rest of the simultaneous wait times at the existing ports of entry, with an initial decrease of 50 percent for its first day. Without Otay Mesa 2, estimates for commercial trucks crossing stand at 6 hours by 2040, but with its successful conclusion crossing, times are expected to reach up to 40 minutes. 


CAM, a new air transportation hub has been founded as an opportunity to leverage logistics and international trade in Baja California. As American-Chinese trade wars stress supply chains and receiving merchandise introducing merchandise directly into American ports the need for a strategic stepping stone is imminent to provide a new alternative to growing foreign trade. 

Focused on timely shipments, CAM will allow speed in sending packages that prioritize fast arrivals. 


Hutchison ports have announced the 12-acre expansion of Ensenada´s port.  Also, new AI applications continue to be implemented to create agility and certainty in the flow of the port. The current expansion will offer 4 HA stacking yards and storage with

8 HA of new pier area. The most evident obstacle is the limited growth due to residency surroundings. The project is estimated to finish by June 2024.

What are your predictions on Baja California´s role in foreign trade for the near future with the new infraestructure?


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