Create Data-Driven Strategies for Peak Season

Today we are going to share pandemic trends that stayed and can help you shape your peak season strategy!

Did you know?  More than half (54%) of Americans shop more online today than they did two years ago, which means more consumers are hybrid shoppers that expect a more diverse shopping experience. Therefore, it is suggested your company prepares to provide multiple fulfillment options. Although 78% prefer online shopping, being able to let your consumer choose a pickup location, free delivery, and more leverages customer loyalty. 

Here are three stats to take into account for your Peak Season 2022 efullfilment that we learned from 2021:

  • +50% of the online shoppers were first-time buyers 
  • 40% of Consumer Electronics were out-of-stock
  • Almost 60% of purchases were impulse buys

Why it matters? 

Top Tier, efficient fulfillment can convert first-time buyers into new loyal customers. Make sure your fulfillment accuracy is beyond 95%… if you are struggling with efulfillment issues then consider talking to a 3PL provider on how to improve or outsource this operation for better performance. 

Brands lose 42% of sales when out-of-stock products are offered. Your fulfillment operations reflect directly on your image as a business. Create optimized efulfillment to impulse your branding, not affect it. Visibility and real-time should be your priority for inventory management to avoid this issue. 

2021 Black Friday reported a 129% increased returns volume compared to 2019, we advise optimizing beforehand the processing of your returns. Going past the peak will mean dealing with new returns volume also and if logistics can be complex, reverse logistics brings more friction to your supply chain as errors will be caused by end consumers.

Do you need to perfect your peak season strategy? We are ready to help, it will be our privilege!


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