G-Recommendation: Step Deck Trailers for Larger Cargo

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In G-Global we make sure your goods are transported in the most convenient and efficient way that is why we analyze its characteristics to offer a tailored solution. Hence, we avoid overlooking a simple and adequate solution for your needs. 

In our area of transportation, we value comparing and selecting different approaches for your needs and matching your load to the best-suited truck or trailer. Many of our customers have benefitted from using a step deck trailer as suggested by our expert teams. 

A step deck trailer is a semi-trailer platform without walls or doors. It has two deck levels, both positioned closer to the front. With two decks, the different deck levels are designed to clear the edge of the tractor uni and drop down to handle taller loads. This also makes it possible to stack goods on the lower level is a great way to use the extra space for transporting more products at a time. In comparison to standard flatbed trailers, step deck trailers are advantageous considering height permits, forklift maneuver, and equipment diversity.

The most important advantage of a step deck trailer is that no additional permits are necessary when transporting higher loads and that they are designed specifically to be able to place cargo lower down to avoid height restrictions.  

Step deck trailers are ideal for use of forklifts for loading and unloading, which becomes easier and safer since step deck trailers are lower to the ground than flatbed trailers. Eliminating height using this kind of trailer, there is no need to lift the fork up as high to pick up the cargo and unload it.

You have probably seen the most common use of it which is Construction equipment transported on step deck trailers. If used in tandem, step deck trailers can haul up to 45,000lbs (62,000lbs in tridem), a great factor to have in mind when loading large pieces of machinery and you can forget about any difficulties when positioning them. 

G-Global can gladly help if you are looking to move a large load or a large piece of construction and offer the best option available to fulfill your demand. Transporting large cargo becomes more swift but secure with step deck trailers. Contact us!


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