Section 321 for Duty-Free Ecommerce

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Section 321 helps your business import and eliminate all taxes and duties while complying with customs requirements. This regulation primarily benefits companies that ship products totaling less than $800 per day. Manufacturing in China continues to grow, this provision becomes more critical for all businesses capitalizing in the US digital market. 

How can you benefit from Section 321? Find out with us while we break down a generalized overview of its scope and advantages.

Section 321, entry type 86 income allows the entry of merchandise with a total value of 800 dollars or less exempt from taxes and duties. Its application is not restricted by the type of transport used to enter or port of entry. It relies on CBP’s Automated Commerce Environment (ACE), which is an amazing benefit since this procedure speeds up how quickly they move through customs. This tool is useful for companies that regularly respond to inconsistent demand. After analysis of the performance of Section 321 in customs compliance, shipments are authorized promptly compared to other types of approaches and are subjected to fewer delays or additional costs. These aspects can make a difference for your online business!

Achieving fast clearance by ACE generally means that your business will need the help of a freight forwarder. Every company has to make sure that they are providing accurate and required information like for any other customs procedure to avoid extra charges and penalties. It should be noted that Section 321 does not eliminate other requirements or limitations applicable to your merchandise.

Terms and conditions of Section 321, entry type 86 are reviewed by border officials’ criteria and comparison made with products or models similar to those presented by the merchant. This is done to verify that the maximum value of 800 dollars is being respected. Alcohol or tobacco cannot be imported with this customs procedure.

Concerning the range of use of Section 321, companies must assess the frequency of importation of their products. The first thing to keep in mind is that goods imported by mail are generally exempt from Section 321, Type 86 entry. The second limitation that needs to be addressed is the restriction of only one use per day. This implies that the company has to coordinate its daily shipments so as not to present the documentation for two different shipments on the same day.

We invite you to investigate more about how to start benefiting from Section 321 for your business with our commerce specialists. It will be a privilege to serve you!


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