Upleveling Returns Processing Logistics for a Faster Payback

As e-commerce was leveraged throughout the pandemic lockdown, Peak season 2021 was chaotic, messy, and nerve-wracking for supply chains in all industries.

Now, everyone is preparing again for the busiest time of the year, peak season. What is peak season? For most retailers, the sales increase experienced at the end of the year makes up 60% of all annual sales. Unfortunately, many businesses overlook the aftermath of high-volume purchases such as processing returns. Only a few 3PL service providers take care of this value-added service, yet why is it so important to consider before we are past the peak? Let’s look at the facts.

On average 30% of orders are returned monthly, therefore applying efforts and investing in receiving, processing, and restocking returns can be time-consuming. As a result, returns operations are seen as a cost instead of an investment. 

At G-global, we believe that ultra-simplification drives innovation and have experienced the results of implementing an RMS, returns management system, in supply chain management. Results are reflected through shortened restocking cycles, higher customer satisfaction, and lower operational costs. 

Let’s work together to uplevel your reverse logistics! Happy Peak Season 2022!


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