How Forced Labor Prevention Act will affect your Business

On March 18, 2023, CBP will deploy the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (UFLPA) in an effort to eliminate the trade of goods manufactured with forced labor. Signed by President Joe Biden on Dec. 23, 2021, CBP describes it as a “significant international trade legislation was the U.S. response to the Chinese government’s systemic use […]

Go Beyond the Trend, Tips to Strategize Ecommerce

Unlike a pandemic, your business has time to prepare for a recession, inflation, and more supply chain disruptions by reshaping e-commerce trends into your own differentiator for profitable results.  Let’s look into 2023 e-commerce trends, and how you can redefine them into your competitive advantages! Unify the customer journey by being an omnichannel solution, this […]

Go Beyond Binational Customs Compliance, Logistics can be Duty-free!

What could your business accomplish if it became duty-free? Cross-border logistics has become the competitive advantage of many industry-leading companies, allowing duty savings to be injected into other areas of revenue-generating activities.  Today we share the pillars of successful duty-free fulfillment! Location plays a great role in this strategy with continuous political and economic efforts […]

Sexy Logistics? We’re up for the Challenge!

Logistics just got sexier…  Your favorite and acclaimed lingerie brand is here at G-Global! Unfortunately for you, we don´t kiss and tell! We’ve got the secret to lingerie logistics… While you try to guess who’s taken over our largest efulfillment center in Tijuana, let us explain why your favorite brands have committed to cross-border logistics […]

Redefine 2023 Ecommerce Trends to Grow your Business!

Making your ecommerce unique can be a challenge to transcend in the market, especially in an unexpected crisis like the 2020 pandemic. Forward-thinking companies strive to redefine trends into competitive advantages by making them their own. Today we want to share 8 top trends that can leverage your revenue-generating activities all year long! Merge into […]

Ecommerce Trends: Product Personalization and your Supply Chain

The growth of ecommerce is shaping the industry with influential trends, is your business taking advantage of new opportunities? 85% of end consumers are willing to pay for this trend…. Do you know what it is? Find our here in G-News! Today, personalization matters more than ever in ecommerce such as improving digital customer experience […]

 Customs Compliance: Learn about Entry 7501

Customs compliance is the process of submitting and receiving authorization through US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials at US ports and airports to introduce commercial freight into the United States. This entity inspects cargo and ensures compliance with customs law, rules, and regulations applicable to the type, volume, and other specifications of your freight. […]

Create Data-Driven Strategies for Peak Season

Today we are going to share pandemic trends that stayed and can help you shape your peak season strategy! Did you know?  More than half (54%) of Americans shop more online today than they did two years ago, which means more consumers are hybrid shoppers that expect a more diverse shopping experience. Therefore, it is […]

Learn about Logistics: What is Order Fulfillment?

Order Fulfillment is the intrinsic process of creating successful, accurate, and on-time orders as promised.   How do we guarantee efficient order fulfillment for our customers?  We have opened the doors of our strategically located warehouses across the Mexican and American borders for cost-effective fulfillment. We store your goods temporarily and provide personalized solutions to fulfill […]

Tips for Ecommerce Peak Season Prep

Logistics can be complex and forecasting a much higher demand can cause a lot of headaches. How can you tackle peak season? Here are our three ecommerce logistics tips for a profitable peak season! System integration for data flow: resolve any IT issues and enhance connectivity homogenizing systems to share data dynamically. Data transparency can […]

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