Empower your Logistics with Optimized Warehousing Operations

Orchestrating the complex flow of products in our warehouse is led by logistics experts, data-driven strategies, and an agile workforce. Join us today as we tour our 31,000 ft2 of efficiency at Goliath, the heart of fulfillment operations. 

Welcome to one of our many international warehouses. At G-global, our mission is to ultra-simplify your operations and empower our clients with integrated logistics services. Warehousing processing is a key link to creating a resilient, flexible and competitive supply chain. Today we are going to discover the pathway from inbound to outbound with the G-global Method.

Efficiency is every step of the way… Receiving, storing, picking, packing and distribution. 

Let’s take a look at how we make this possible: 

We coordinate each arrival, trailers full of products from startups to international scale businesses are timed to guarantee no delays. With the transparency and agility our clients love, we receive and document each SKU entering our warehouse with barcodes. Additionally, our WMS platform is updated with information throughout each process. Our software connects to any sales platform and ERP, providing access to real-time data and performance. Fulfillment initiates as our system is notified that you have received an order from a customer. With inventory accuracy, our system locates the product to be picked by our staff. Packed and labeled, the customer’s order will be ready to be shipped to the preferred carrier.

Our warehouses are a temporary home to your products and our tailored solutions tie efficient fulfillment and distribution to leverage your operations to reduce costs with our expert and optimized consolidation. 

Why do our clients choose G-global warehousing against the competition? Not only do we uplevel your warehousing operations, we design integrating logistics to reach your revenue growth goal at an accelerating pace. 

With customs expertise, we export finished goods with Section 321, to eliminate any applicable duties and redefine your bottom line with our attractive labor and real estate costs. 

Our doors are open to welcome your business growth, schedule your tour today!


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