Integrated Logistics: A Competitive Advantage to Boost Business

Globalization has influenced the evolution of how we view and perform through logistics. Logistics broadly has umbrellaed the transfer of raw materials and finished products from one place to another yet in recent years, Integrated Logistics has rebranded what supply chain operations really is.

As a new perspective for logistics, also known as integrated services, this business management model creates flexible solutions by inter-department process compared to the traditional take. The objective to accomplish is for each element, from data to materials, and individuals work together seamlessly. Companies have been able to accomplish the best possible logistical service and attain competitive advantage as service quality is improved and reflected in shorter delivery times and accurate orders. Having a service-oriented process and putting all efforts to operate as one cohesive unit, allows continuous improvements throughout the supply chain simultaneously to adapt and anticipate customers’ needs.

How do we make this transition, from a traditional model to an innovative approach for logistics?

  • First, Procedures are analyzed and modified for heightened performance.
  • This is followed by, Defining and unifying channels of communication of interdepartmental functions, such as the data-sharing process 
  • Additionally, Ultra-simplifying to optimize all operations

As logistics specialists, G-global never stops perfecting a unified system through the constant monitoring of efficiency and cost-effectiveness from end to end. In this respect, our experts take into account a number of indicators, according to the company’s goals, demand, and standards of excellence. We can gladly help you, today!


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