How the Logistics of Each Return impacts your Ecommerce

What´s more complex than regular, everyday logistics?

Here´s a hint, around 70% of consumers expect it to be free and it also represents 30% of your monthly order volume… What’s your guess? Take a look at the answer here!

Today we are going to talk about your returns logistics! When a purchase has not fulfilled a consumer´s expectations,  agile and efficient returns need to be as easy as shopping considering THAT they offer the opportunity to turn around the customers´ perspective of your brand and allows you to keep the door open for future repurchases.

Returns optimization is a crucial part of your fulfillment operations. If logistics are complex, reverse logistics are ultra-complex. 

We take on your logistics challenges so you can invest all efforts into growing your brand and business. 

We integrate your returns needs with our 3PL services, enabling you to work with a team of experts through one point of contact, our fanatical service representatives. 

We strive to design a customized process with our talent and expertise to eliminate the risk of fraud, retain customer loyalty, and reduce customer service costs. 

Let´s strategize to make the most out of your returns requests and mitigate potential lost sales. Approach our experts about the G-Global Method to agile returns for your ecommerce!


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