Texas: The Logistical Heart of American Logistics

From America’s leading exporter for 17 years straight to receiving the 2nd-most imports of any state, Texas has proven to be an advantageous location for logistics performance.  Have you explored Texas, the logistical heart of North America? Join us today as we relight Texas in logistics terms.   With quick access to rail, air, and over-the-ground […]

Integrating Logistics: What are Value-Added Services?

With a global recession looming, ecommerce value is highly emphasized not only for surviving but thriving this year. Value starts behind the scenes, in the heart of your logistics… with VAS, value-added services. Value-added services are a 3PL term used to refer to the additional distribution and warehousing services in your supply chain. These specific […]

What You Need to Know about US Customs Brokers

Expanding your business beyond the border can be challenging initially as it can cause a lot of stress but can be alleviated by having a US Customs Broker as part of your team.  To start any process of importation into the United States, or in other words, introducing any goods that will be sold to […]

How the Logistics of Each Return impacts your Ecommerce

What´s more complex than regular, everyday logistics? Here´s a hint, around 70% of consumers expect it to be free and it also represents 30% of your monthly order volume… What’s your guess? Take a look at the answer here! Today we are going to talk about your returns logistics! When a purchase has not fulfilled […]

Nuevo Laredo, entre retos de crecimiento y proyectos logísticos

Nuevo Laredo cierra el 2022 con gran presencia en el comercio exterior y con miras al crecimiento con proyectos de desarrollo. Privilegiada por su ubicación geográfica, la vocación natural para ser un participante de los mercados internacionales ha exigido crear más condiciones favorables mediante la construcción de infraestructura. Como mención honorifica, Port Laredo fue responsable […]

Los Laredos y su Círculo de Influencia del Comercio Exterior

En Nuevo Laredo, existe una tradición histórica que es central para las expresiones públicas de identidad cívica de su frontera. Es la historia de cómo, en 1848, cuando México perdió el pequeño pueblo de Laredo ante los Estados Unidos debido a la firma del Tratado de Guadalupe Hidalgo, muchos de sus habitantes abandonaron sus hogares […]