Increase Opportunities and Profit by Redefining your Carrier-Ecommerce Relationship

It has been widely acknowledged that e-commerce relies heavily on the role of shipping carriers to grow… and hence the following concerns may come about! Do you feel your goals are hampered by shipping needs? Want to grow with carrier preferential treatment? Looking for saving strategies related to shipping costs? 

Emerging e-commerce may struggle with carrier rates which directly impact customer expectations. Nowadays more carrier options are available but creating a hybrid carrier strategy can be a whole task. Collaborating with a 3PL can be the strategic alliance and solution you are looking for! 3PL experts can guide your business to take advantage of the types of carriers according to your needs and forecast, especially during peak seasons. 

If you are currently committed to a carrier, it limits access to services and equipment which your carrier can offer to feed your demand. 

As a 3PL that handles a higher volume and hands off to carriers,  there is much more room for negotiation on pricing. As a result, discounted rates are cascaded down to your business and customers. You can also enjoy a higher capacity to reach greater markets and provide shipping flexibility or options to offer your clients. 

Additionally, a competitive 3PL can actively compare rates and alternatives to provide cost reduction year-round, always having in mind your needs, preferences, or policies by applying business rules or filters to automate this process. Your logistics provider can allow you to broaden your savings on each shipped order!

Navigate the carrier industry with confidence in pricing, availability, and strategy. Our mission is to serve to inspire others with our expertise and tools to facilitate the route to your revenue goals! 


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