Security measures are needed no matter the industry and K9 teams are a well-known pillar for protection services. Canines are distinguished by their heightened senses and through training can be interpreted by humans to detect intruders or criminal activity earlier than human guards. Also, they offer an excellent deterrent, offering a no-tolerance stance in trafficking for employees and clients. Working alongside a dog handler is a great preventive strategy and solution that has worked for a range of industries. How can this be applied to your Supply Chain? Here are some examples.

On construction sites, theft is a major risk with expensive equipment and materials on-site, just like much of the merchandise stored and handled in transportation. In the long run, reducing the constant risk of theft can mean saving lots of money in the long run. With hotel security, it’s impossible to keep the building secure with people constantly coming in and out all the time so the assistance of a K9 patrol can be reinforced with a CCTV used to monitor activity, just like in logistics operations.

Why do we still use this traditional option when there is amazing technological advancement all around us? We don’t dismiss the efficiency and results of relying on a dog handler for the security of your supply chain protection. In fact, history proves that this source of protection is a powerful example that prevails over all obstacles. In fact, during Roman times, dogs were chained up during the day to be released at night for vigilance. Why has this method stood the test of time? Let’s talk about three aspects.

Great Deterrent

The presence of trained and certified dogs is often enough for intruders and criminals to think twice about approaching your space and cargo! With just exhibiting this faithful and protective companion, many put off plans or simply decide to leave and never return. If a loud bark can scare away, nonetheless professionally trained canines can restrain and identify potential dangers before they impact your operations.

Powerful Detector

Although we as humans possess the same senses as dogs, they have developed a powerful enhancement and perceive their surroundings differently than we do, which is why police forces and security forces often train dogs to sniff out all potential threats. If Customs Compliance is part of your supply chain, detecting compromised cargo before crossing the border is essential, and using a K9 team is a proactive strategy toward drug trafficking.

Working in Conjunction

Applying modern security practices like CCTV, alarm systems, and other control measures for security, and adding this valuable asset to your facility is incredibly complimentary to all ongoing procedures and policies already in place.

There’s an incredible power of instant detection with our canines for the peace of mind of your staff and clients. We know that the constant fear is present as the threat of smuggling is lurking in a busy yard like yours but this is eliminated instantly with our handler teams. If you would like to know more, our representatives will be happy to offer all kinds of assessments on the benefits of collaborating together and the how-to of getting started!


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