Ensenada´s Port for a Resilient Pandemic Maritime Strategy

Supply chain delays have morphed into a prolonged crisis and applying pressure to adapt operations into new dynamics. Although the first wave of issues surged from COVID lockdowns, we are facing a more complex panorama as sharply escalating costs in ocean transportation continue to alarm the world market.  

We have seen a shift in exploring new alternatives, alternatives G-global has continuously integrated into our client’s supply chain to offer tailored solutions. Although these alternatives have been newly discovered by many, this strategic location has grown into a reliable asset for us before pandemic times: Baja California´s Ensenada Port. Expanding your logistics operation capacity is our specialty, let’s show you Ensenada´s promise to grow. 

The area of ​​influence of the port of Ensenada comprises the states of Baja California, Baja California Sur, and Sonora in Mexico, including connectivity to southern California and Arizona in the United States of America. Its transport capacity is up to 7,500 TEUS. Ensenada International Terminal (operating container terminal), has a current storage capacity of 8,500 Teus. It also offers a Warehousing space of 2,255m², Bonded Warehousing of 14.4 h, and 1 scale. The port of Ensenada has been highly considered as maritime routes connecting the main ports of Asia, Oceania, New Zealand, the Caribbean, Central and North, and South America. 

Who is involved in the cargo release process? Direct client-shipping line-container terminal-customs agent-customs. 

What is required to import and/or export through the port? The only thing that is required is to contact your Customs Agent, who will represent you before Ensenada Customs and will be in charge of requesting and processing all the necessary documentation to carry out the clearance of your merchandise.

What is the average time to release a container? Once all the documentation and procedures necessary for the release of goods have been prepared, the average time for the release of a container from the port is 4 hours 30 minutes.

Everybody is betting big on Mexico as a solution to overstressed global supply chains and record container backlogs at U.S. ports. Face supply chain delays with our strategic orientation for maritime transportation through Ensenada! Expertise in customs clearance and logistics with the same friendly faces in Mexico and USA, this is G-Global´s strategy to ultra-simplify your operations for profitable results!


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