Integrating Logistics: What are Value-Added Services?

With a global recession looming, ecommerce value is highly emphasized not only for surviving but thriving this year. Value starts behind the scenes, in the heart of your logistics… with VAS, value-added services.

Value-added services are a 3PL term used to refer to the additional distribution and warehousing services in your supply chain. These specific activities and efforts impact the level of customer satisfaction and steadily increase your bottom line. As companies outsource links to their supply chain, their focus can be on core and revenue-generating tasks. 

Will VAS add a competitive edge to your supply chain? 

Value Added Services (VAS) are tailored to the wishes and needs of the customer. In most cases, it is an effort to create a more efficient supply chain.

3PL services are not restricted to transporting goods but offer their customers services like picking, packing, quality control, inventory control, returns processing, kit assembling, and more…

A great start to supply chain optimization is analyzing what value-added services you currently have available to be handed off with a risk, financial, and productivity analysis.

How can Value-Added Services leverage your Business?

Forward-thinking companies use their supply chain to gain market share and get ahead of their competitors. VAS creates flexibility, uplevel quality, and ease of integration. 

Want to know what value-added services could achieve for your revenue growth and brand impact for 2023? Ask our experts, we are ready to help! 


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