Section 321 Fulfillment: Savings Strategy to Revenue Growth

Paying taxes and duties is always fun, but did you know there’s a logistic hack that eliminates it completely from your supply chain budget? If you visit our warehouse, (feel free to schedule a tour here), you’ll be surprised to discover that all these goods are duty-free!

What is Section 321: 

Goods stored at G-Global fulfillment centers are usually headed to the American market and yet no duties and taxes are paid, here’s how…

Merchandise is introduced into Mexican warehouses with IMMEX tax-free program for allocation and fulfillment. Once an order is placed from an American customer, Section 321 is filed to clear US customs. This regulation allows imports to be alleviated from the burden of taxes and duties if: 

  1. 1 individual receives 
  2. 1 shipment per day
  3. And does not exceed the $800 dollar value per day.


What percentage of your supply chain budget is dedicated to duties? Section 321 unlocks new savings opportunities on every order, year-round. Fortunately, this is just the tip of the iceberg, there’s a greater picture of cost-savings from cross-border fulfillment! Now, eligibility plays a factor in Section 321 application, so only a few industries can have a competitive advantage from this strategy! 

Section 321 automatically reduces importing costs, allowing you to reinvest in core and revenue-generating activities. Additionally, not only is less paperwork involved, but crossing wait times are significantly reduced since Section 321 is a CBP initiative to facilitate cross-border e-commerce. With tailored technology, we achieve clearance for thousand of entries in minutes. 

These are the facts that can rethink the real meaning of strategic customs compliance, our team of experts is ready to redefine your ROI and increase your profits in this economy…   

We bet Section 321 can increase your ecommerce profits with shut eyes. Here’s to unlocking the potential of your business with the right strategy. Beyond helping businesses grow, we are driven by an unmatched passion for serving others. Experience the G-Global way, ultra-simplified logistics to conquer every border!


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