Ecommerce Trends: Product Personalization and your Supply Chain

The growth of ecommerce is shaping the industry with influential trends, is your business taking advantage of new opportunities? 85% of end consumers are willing to pay for this trend…. Do you know what it is? Find our here in G-News! Today, personalization matters more than ever in ecommerce such as improving digital customer experience […]

Create Data-Driven Strategies for Peak Season

Today we are going to share pandemic trends that stayed and can help you shape your peak season strategy! Did you know?  More than half (54%) of Americans shop more online today than they did two years ago, which means more consumers are hybrid shoppers that expect a more diverse shopping experience. Therefore, it is […]

Tips for Ecommerce Peak Season Prep

Logistics can be complex and forecasting a much higher demand can cause a lot of headaches. How can you tackle peak season? Here are our three ecommerce logistics tips for a profitable peak season! System integration for data flow: resolve any IT issues and enhance connectivity homogenizing systems to share data dynamically. Data transparency can […]

Overcome Peak Season Challenges with our Experts

What are your top 3 fulfillment issues? Peak season is right around the corner, preparing for the most profitable period of the year is essential. It’s no secret that fulfillment issues escalate imminently, therefore could a 3PL service provider be the solution you are looking for? Let’s talk about it! Space: Have you grown out […]

Optimize your Logistics for a Profitable Peak Season

“If something can go wrong, it definitely will”. Peak Season is a critical period that demands optimization to have the capacity to respond to an unprecedented number of orders to fulfill.  At G-Global we ensure efficiency and apply best practices for your most profitable days of the year.  Traditionally, the Peak season occurs during the […]