Ecommerce Trends: Product Personalization and your Supply Chain

The growth of ecommerce is shaping the industry with influential trends, is your business taking advantage of new opportunities? 85% of end consumers are willing to pay for this trend…. Do you know what it is? Find our here in G-News!

Today, personalization matters more than ever in ecommerce such as improving digital customer experience with data analysis or offering multi-channel fulfillment! But a new challenge emerges for your supply chain efficiency: product customization!

Did you know? 85% of end consumers are willing to pay for product customization.

74% of Gen Zers show an interest in personalized products while other generations are below 65%. Offering customized products means integrating a new link into your supply chain through VAS, which stands for Value Added Services. 

Customization can range from embroidering, painting, embossing, or other services that can make the line of your products unique according to the customer’s needs and requests while adding value throughout your supply chain. We specialize in logistics operation integration to facilitate frictionless fulfillment efficiency and eliminate personalization challenges by centralizing your VAS!

Benefit from:

  • Optimized Lead time to shorten supply chain flow
  • Expand your workbench with ease
  • More flexibility, more success
  • Participate in growing markets with lower risk

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