Sexy Logistics? We’re up for the Challenge!

Logistics just got sexier… 

Your favorite and acclaimed lingerie brand is here at G-Global! Unfortunately for you, we don´t kiss and tell! We’ve got the secret to lingerie logistics… While you try to guess who’s taken over our largest efulfillment center in Tijuana, let us explain why your favorite brands have committed to cross-border logistics shaping strategically located and cost-effective efulfillment!

Tijuana has grown into a logistics hub as supply chains are fed through two seaports, Ensenada and Long Beach. With an extensive network of transportation in the Cali-Baja region, it doesn’t matter where your product is coming in from, but how! Binational customs compliance allows companies to allocate goods in Mexican warehouses without paying duties to and from. What could you achieve if your fulfillment became duty-free? Tijuana is the ideal location to make it possible! Is your market more east of the United States? We also provide 3PL services across the Mexican-American border to tailor a cost-effective solution for your efulfillment needs!

What´s sexier than lingerie?

Maximizing your return on investment with year-round savings across your supply chain! This directly impacts workforce availability, storage, and shaping duty-free operations. Did you know? American workforce produces 40 hours per individual meanwhile nearshoring your operations to Mexico allows a 20% increase in production as 48 hours becomes your baseline!

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