Tips for Ecommerce Peak Season Prep

Logistics can be complex and forecasting a much higher demand can cause a lot of headaches. How can you tackle peak season? Here are our three ecommerce logistics tips for a profitable peak season!

  1. System integration for data flow: resolve any IT issues and enhance connectivity homogenizing systems to share data dynamically. Data transparency can help you make impactful decisions that affect your bottom line. For example, having your inventory management system integrated with the rest of your supply chain operations will allow you to know which will be selling quickly to replenish warehousing quantities. On the other hand, if certain items have extended ROI cycles, up to even 12 months, peak season dates such as Black Friday or Labor day will be great opportunities to provide a high discount for your end-consumer. 
  1. Streamlining your Returns process: analyze and identify opportunities to improve customer experience into a self-service process making returns processing as easy as shopping. Why is this so important? Once businesses experience low order volumes past the peak, the aftermath can be chaotic as well. 
  1. Work with a dedicated fulfillment partner: explore and evaluate the expanding capabilities that outsourcing can provide for your business. Cultural alignment is very important, it goes beyond result promises and delivery. 

If you think your supply chain is breeding too many issues throughout your processes, talk to our experts!


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