Businesses have globalized to give consumers diversity, making the market more competitive and the need to create new opportunities has become a daily task, along with innovation and applying technological breakthroughs. Logistics strategies are the beginning and end of the fabrication, distribution, and growth of the products so your clients’ loyalty can be cultivated. This is made possible by Freight Forwarders.

We want to share what you need to know about Freight Forwarders, their role in a chain supply, each of its responsibilities, and all the services they provide integrated into the same solutions. 

Freight Forwarders or Agents are companies that offer international transportation services to clients, exporters, or importers, each in a personalized way to assist specific needs. This implies management and coordinating all the logistics operations, being the intermediary between the company and all the services that it requires so that the merchandise reaches its destination correctly.

This service is essential for crossing borders and expertise in loading and transporting according to merchandise characteristics, knowing the market to get the best price, the most appropriate route, and the ideal means of transportation for optimization of the process in terms of costs and delivery windows. Likewise, for these tasks to be fulfilled they must be knowledgeable of the laws, regulations, and the necessary documentation that will apply to the shipments throughout their journey and stay up to date with all changes made. 

To hire a great Freight Forwarder consider capacity, experience, and contacts to create the best moving strategies and best practices for the right place and time. Its sole purpose is for your customers’ merchandise to arrive in the most efficient and profitable manner possible, solving any mishap that may happen along the way and having insight on how to prevent them.

The role and responsibilities of a freight forwarder have been shaped based on the evolution of international trade. The complexity of each service is based on the time invested in paperwork, planning, and follow-up of the products’ journey. Nonetheless, Freight Forwarders provide a wide range of benefits along with complementary services to transportation, such as merchandise storage, customs clearance, merchandise quality control, and much more for an efficient chain supply. Each service and responsibility is specified in detail in the contract between the agent and the client. If your company needs the following services it’s time for our representatives to help you meet your goals and save.

Finding the best prices and offering preferential taking into account the nature of the goods to be shipped. Also, consider punctuality, shipping cost, traffic time, or the level of security required.

Companies that hire a freight forwarder can become more competitive in the market than if they do it on their own. Why? Freight Forwarders specialize in creating an optimized logistics chain for your business. 

If you think your supply chain can improve with the guidance of a Freight Forwarder or need any of the previous services, don’t hesitate in looking into G-global’s approach to ultra-simplified operations for international commerce. We integrate seamlessly our tailored solutions to obtain the results you are looking for! Call us today!


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