News and Insight on Logistics Disruptions (Peak Season 2022)

Peak season is a critical time of year when the surge of demand can create many internal fluctuating responses. However, new external factors can reshape the outlook of the most profitable season of your business, creating flexible strategies to face unforeseen challenges are of utmost importance to identify as soon as possible. Today we are […]

Preparing your Business for Covid Spikes and more Global Obstacles

Have global disruptions, like COVID-19, continued to shape our supply chains’ future? Being in the eye of the storm has impulsed innovative solutions to respond with agility and the pandemic has tested each link’s vulnerabilities, especially for essential operations such as health care.  As rapid decisions are made, resiliency is valued to manage short-term crises. […]

Ensenada´s Port for a Resilient Pandemic Maritime Strategy

Supply chain delays have morphed into a prolonged crisis and applying pressure to adapt operations into new dynamics. Although the first wave of issues surged from COVID lockdowns, we are facing a more complex panorama as sharply escalating costs in ocean transportation continue to alarm the world market.   We have seen a shift in exploring […]

Strategic Logistics: An analysis of LONG BEACH PORT VS. ENSENADA PORT

Ocean freight is the successful transportation of goods by sea and is usually used to ship large volumes in containers which have brought numerous worldwide economic benefits! Around 90% of the products you buy today come through seaports. International shipping is made possible through this method of transportation. To be able to coordinate overseas logistics, […]

Transportation Tips: The impact of different loading styles

Many products are shipped and received by shipping container, also known as full truckload (FTL), or less than truckload (LTL) freight. Did you know that the difference in loading styles, it being floor loaded or palletized, has an impact on your e-commerce fulfillment costs? That’s why we are going to share with you what you […]


Businesses have globalized to give consumers diversity, making the market more competitive and the need to create new opportunities has become a daily task, along with innovation and applying technological breakthroughs. Logistics strategies are the beginning and end of the fabrication, distribution, and growth of the products so your clients’ loyalty can be cultivated. This […]

Designing a Resilient Supply Chain for facing a Crisis

Many businesses which once boasted of having the leanest and most efficient supply chain have been impacted by the new global scenario Covid-19 has created. With inflexible networks, new struggles have surfaced as companies face optimizing immediacy for deliveries for soaring demands while keeping up with cost-effective processes and sustainability.  Survival and resilience are based […]

What is Logistics?: An Overview for understanding your Supply Chain

Logistics is in the mouth of every business owner and staff because it is the how-to of getting all your resources of your chain supply from point A to B, from the factory to your consumer. This includes transportation, warehousing, distribution, and fulfillment, these and more operations are part of the structure of your commerce.  […]

G-Recommendation: Step Deck Trailers for Larger Cargo 

In G-Global we make sure your goods are transported in the most convenient and efficient way that is why we analyze its characteristics to offer a tailored solution. Hence, we avoid overlooking a simple and adequate solution for your needs.  In our area of transportation, we value comparing and selecting different approaches for your needs […]